The Book of Abstracts from the 1st EAAP Regional Meeting in Nitra

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August 8, 2023

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the Book of Abstracts from the 1st EAAP Regional meeting that was held last April in Nitra (Slovakia). This comprehensive compilation brings together cutting-edge research and insightful contributions from leading experts and researchers in the field of animal science. The book features a diverse array of abstracts encompassing a wide spectrum of topics, including animal genetic, nutrition and livestock farming systems. Each abstract showcases the essence of the research presented, encapsulating novel findings, methodologies, and ground-breaking insights. To access the book and explore the abstracts, please go to the members area of the EAAP website. If you receive this Newsletter, you must be an EAAP individual member and therefore be allowed to enter in the Restricted area of the website. Instead, if you are interested to buy the hard copy of the Book of Abstract you can send an email to to receive the hard copy by mail, alternatively, if you wish you can buy the Book of Abstracts in Lyon by stopping at the EAAP stand at the EAAP Annual Meeting.