The EAAP at the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain

Royal Academy Veterinary Science Spain meeting
May 16, 2024

Dr. José Antonio Mendizábal, professor of Animal Production at the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), was recently appointed Academician of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain (RACVE), for the section of Veterinary History. His acceptance speech entitled “Aviculture and Veterinary Sciences in Spain. A history of encounters and progress” was presented at the admission session, where Isabel Casasús, president of the EAAP, was invited to share the presidential table with prominent Academicians of the RACVE. Apart from his longstanding interest in veterinary history, Dr. Mendizábal’s research focuses on carcass and meat quality and the development and metabolism of fat tissue, with several national and international collaborations. Together with a large team of coworkers from UPNA, they have participated in EAAP meetings for more than 25 years. Very well-deserved congratulations!  


From left to right: Dr. S. Jiménez, Dr. I. Casasús, Dr. A. Anadón (RACVE President), Dr. J.A. Mendizábal, Dr. M.C. Mañé, Dr. M.A. Aparicio