The EAAP Newsletter in Romanian and Slovakian languages

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February 10, 2022

A new project just started in EAAP. We know that within many countries not everyone in animal science, and especially in livestock industry, can easily understand text in English. Still the EAAP objective is to disseminate science and news to everyone regardless the spoken language. The new EAAP project consists of translating the info coming from EAAP, such as the Newsletters and other relevant media, for animal scientists and local technicians who find difficult to read English. EAAP just launched an activity that will render available the bi-weekly Newsletter in two national languages, Romanian and Slovakian, for animal science and livestock industries representatives of those countries. The first issue of the “national” EAAP Newsletters is already available on our EAAP dedicated webpage and was sent to a list of local interested persons. The translation and organization are cared by two young researchers supported by the institutes in which they work. For Romania the person in charge is Gabriela Cornescu supported by IBNA – the National Research and Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition in Balotești (Romania). For Slovakia the activities are carried on by Nina Moravcikova of the Faculty of Food Biology and Food Resources of SP University of Nitra (Slovakia). Nina and Gabriela will create respectively the Slovakian and Romanian versions of the EAAP Newsletters and they will deliver it at national level. EAAP plans in the future to look for cooperation in other countries to distribute Newsletters in national languages. 

Nina Moravcikova    Gabriela Cornescu

Pictures: on the left: Nina Moravcikova; on the right: Gabriela Cornescu