The EAAP Newsletter translated in French!

New Members of the Study Commissions (2)
November 14, 2023

Following the activity of translating the EAAP Newsletters in national languages we have included one new language: French! Since issue n. 245, the French translation of the Newsletter is available for the benefit of French speaking animal scientists and technicians who find difficult to read
English. The translation and organization of the French version is cared by Diane Lechartier. Diane graduated from ENSAT, an Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences in Toulouse. She worked mainly in the poultry sector until 2018. She is now an assistant for the French zootechnics association (AFZ). Like Nina Moravcikova for Slovakian, Gabriela Cornescu for Romanian, Mariana Dantas de Brito Almeida and Flávio Daniel Gomes da Silva for Portuguese, Julia Drews for German, David López Carbonell for Spanish, Giulia Foggi and Alina Silvi for Italian and Karolina Wengerska
for Polish, and Martin Šimon for Slovenian, Diane will create the national version of the EAAP Newsletter issues and will deliver it to interested readers. Translated versions of the EAAP Newsletter issues are available here. EAAP plans in the future to look for cooperation in other countries to
distribute Newsletters in national languages.