The WAAP and EAAP Plenary Sessions

WAAP & EAAP Plenary Sessions
July 11, 2023

EAAP is delighted to extend an invitation to the upcoming Annual Meeting, to be held in Lyon, featuring nearly 100 animal science sessions. One of the highlights of the conference is the plenary session, which serves as the centrepiece, bringing together distinguished experts. This year, attendees of both the EAAP Annual Meeting and the Sunday conference of the World Association for Animal Production (WAAP) will have the unique opportunity to attend two plenary sessions. On Sunday, August 27th, participants will experience a full day of engaging discussions with the world’s foremost animal scientists from every continent. The morning session will focus on the “Control of Green House Gas emissions in Ruminants farming,” while the afternoon session will delve into “Biodiversity as a lever for sustainable animal production”.  Here you can read the programme of the sessions. During the EAAP Annual Meeting, on Tuesday, August 29th, the Plenary Session, co-organized by WAAP, will tackle the thought-provoking theme of “Can we feed the planet without depleting its resources?” In addition, the session will feature presentations from the Leroy Award winner, Hans Soelkner (Austria), the WAAP Award winner, Frank Dunshea (Australia), and introductory speeches by scientists from the hosting country, France. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in Question and Answer sessions with the plenary speakers. This is your chance to seek clarifications, share your thoughts, and gain deeper insights into their research, methodologies, and future directions.