Reimbursement of expenses is processed using a travel expense form, all forms are subject to approval.

How to fill in the form:

  • In case you have received an invitation letter please check any deadlines for presenting the form and follow instructions mentioned in the letter
  • Fill in the main details such as name, destination, purpose of the travel and number all items
  • When inserting dates in the form please refer to the date of purchase and not the date of travel, especially in case of foreign currency expenses
  • When expenditure is incurred in a foreign currency please use the link at the bottom of the form for the exchange rate and conversion
  • Banking information – please complete all bank details requested
  • Travel with private car – we reimburse €0.30 per km (you can indicate this in the lower part of the claim form – “declared travel expenses without original receipts”)
  • Original receipts such as restaurant, taxi or train/bus tickets need to be sent to our office in Rome; please number all receipts before sending them
  • Electronic copy via email will be sufficient for receipts not available in paper copy such as invoices/confirmations for flights and hotels
  • Therefore, if the receipts you are submitting for reimbursement are all in electronic form, you can send everything via email (including the scanned and signed claim form); if there are any original receipts you will need to send everything to our office via regular mail