Updates from the "Animal" Journal - Affordability, New Editor, and Collaborative Impact

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February 27, 2024

We are pleased to share some important developments from the “animal” journal, which continues to be a leading platform for cutting-edge research in the field of animal science. Firstly, we’d like to highlight that the commitment to accessibility and affordability remains a top priority. Since the transition to an Open Access model, the cost for publishing in “animal” has been maintained at approximately € 1.400 for individual members of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). This commitment ensures that EAAP members can disseminate their research without facing a significant increase in publishing expenses. In addition to this, we are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Editor in Chief, Isabelle Louveau from INRAE. We extend our warm congratulations to Isabelle and express our best wishes for her success in steering the journal to new heights. With her expertise and leadership, we anticipate continued excellence in the editorial direction of “animal.” Furthermore, it’s important to note that by choosing to publish in the “animal” journal, authors actively contribute to supporting the activities of key partners, including EAAP, BSAS, and INRAE. This collaborative effort strengthens the foundation of the journal and facilitates its role as a dynamic hub for advancing knowledge in animal science. For those interested in gaining insights into the financial transparency of the “Animal” journal, a breakdown of journal income is available on Transparency in animal journal accounts – breakdown of journal Income to the animal consortium – animal Journal (animal-journal.eu). This transparency initiative provides a detailed account of how funds are allocated, reinforcing the commitment to openness and accountability. In summary, the “Animal” journal continues to evolve, ensuring both accessibility for authors and a robust platform for impactful research. We encourage our members and all researchers in the field of animal science to explore the opportunities offered by the journal and contribute to its ongoing success.