The EAAP Council at its 101 Session established the Cattle Network Working Group to facilitate business and technical co-operation among cattle breeders and producers from its Member Organisations.

Main goals

Exchange of information to promote and facilitate business operations among breeders’ and producers’ associations.

The Network will:

  • Monitor and discuss trends in production and consumption of cattle products and policy measures affecting the cattle sector.
  • Promote the establishment of a European system for the traceability of cattle products as a contribution to the attainment of food safety and consumers’ confidence.
  • Be complementary to the existing representative structure at the Community level (COPA/COGECA), the existing European and international scientific and technical entities, such as EAAP, ICAR/INTERBULL and the European breed associations.
  • Meet in the occasion of the EAAP Annual meetings.
  • Report to the EAAP Council.

The Working Group has its own website available at: