Radovan Kasarda

Peter Polak

Ruta Sveistiene
Baltic Countries, Caucasus and Central Asia

Arunas Svitojus
Baltic Countries, Caucasus and Central Asia

Tomas Sakowski
Central Europe

Andriy Getya
Eastern Countries

Vesna Gantner
Balkan Countries

Marcin Pszczola
Central Europe
Lubos Vostry
Central Europe 

The Contact Group for CEEC was established with the mandate to promote cooperation between West and East European members of EAAP, to organise joint activities and to contribute to the planning of the EAAP programmes in accordance with needs and interests of its members from the sub-region. The main achievements of the Contact Group in the period 1994-2000 were the organisation of sixteen workshops (animal identification, producers associations, breeding strategies, quality of animal products, investments in animal production, protein feed for animal production and others) and introduction of problems of CEE countries in programmes of the EAAP Study Commissions.

In present, the role of WG is to activate and enhance the presence of researchers from CEEC in the European research in form of their involvement in research projects, support their visibility and presence at the EAAP level and be the networking platform connecting research – development – industry in the Europe and neighbour countries.

WG CEEC will in the next period follow the tradition and based on previous achievements and organise thematic sessions and workshops as part of EAAP Annual Meetings and increase number of publication under auspices of EAAP and co-operating national and international organisations and institutions.