Production and Utilization of Meat from Entire Male Pigs Working Group

In the 80’s a European working group, composed by researchers expert on the subject known as boar taint, has started to work under the name of “Production and Utilization of Meat from Entire Male Pigs working group”. This EAAP working group of international experts work on key issues such as genetic, nutrition, meat quality, animal welfare and consumer research related to the boar taint problem associated with the utilization of entire male pigs.

The aim of the group is to create a network of investigation and organize meetings to facilitate the interchange of information and progress on different themes related to boar taint, as well to encourage the dissemination of this knowledge.

Ulrike Weiler (University of Hohenheim) chairs the group. Starting in 2016 and until 2020, the group conducts its activities within the framework of the Cost action CA15215 IPEMA (Innovative Approaches in Pork Production with Entire Males and Immunocastrates) which gathers 129 participants from 29 countries. EAAP is an associated member of the action. IPEMA co-organised sessions during the 67th Annual Meeting in Tallin (Alternatives to surgical castration of male piglets without pain relief) and the 68th Annual Meeting in Dubrovnik (Entire male pigs and immunocastration as alternatives to surgical castration of male piglets: opportunities and drawbacks). Learn more on the recent activities of the group on the IPEMA webpage: