A European working group, composed by researchers expert on the: “overall assessment of lamb and kid perinatal mortality”, has started to work from 2014.

In order to address the complex issue of lamb mortality, there is a need of a focused inter-disciplinary approach to identify where there are gaps in research knowledge and how research can be more effectively implemented on farm to reduce lamb mortality. The aim of this Working group is to bring together experts in different fields with interests in lamb mortality to develop new strategies to implement the research into practice, and to develop new collaborative work to close the knowledge gaps. Even if the main topic of this working group is the overall assessment of lamb perinatal mortality, this group is of course also open to those who work on the same topic for goat (the problems and issues are largely the same in some farming systems)

This group is led by

During the 67th EAAP annual meeting in Belfast the working group organised the Session n.38  “Small ruminant mortality: Seeking solutions – genetic and environmental factors that contribute to improved survival”