Would you eat a cricket burger or a locust sandwich? - Radio Interview

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September 20, 2022

Carlos Álvarez-García from Teagasc, has been interviewed this summer by the Irish radio, Tipp FM, to discuss the three insect species currently authorised in the EU as ‘novel food’ (‘House cricket’, ‘yellow mealworm’ and ‘migratory locus’). Carlos talked about the perception of insects for food by the EU consumer and how different it can be from other countries where insects have always been part of the traditional diet. Accordingly, nowadays in the EU, insect rearing remains a small-scale and more of a complementary activity. He also talked about the advantages of insect rearing, mentioning how they are very flexible, allowing for the possibility to use discarded products and thus acting towards a more circular economy. It is also quite simple, the most important factor being the control of the environment. Other very interesting facts about insects for food were discussed, listen the complete interview here!