Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers workshop

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March 7, 2023

Effective communication of science is an essential component of the research process, so it is important that scientists learn to improve their communication skills. There are many types of scientific communication, the main ones are written papers in journals and popular science articles, as well as oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings. To support this necessity EAAP will continue to organize in 2023 the workshop about learning on how to write and present scientific papers.

The workshop focusses on essential techniques for effective            writing and presentation of scientific information and will be taught by Mike Grossman and Phil Garnsworthy. The workshop aims to present essential techniques for effective writing and presentation of scientific information: reviewing sections of a paper, improving a table and figure, practicing an oral presentation, and reviewing posters. The workshop is in the format of active learning – each session consists of an informative PowerPoint presentation followed by a practical group task.

To participate please register on the website.