The EAAP 2020 meeting will be hosted as a virtual event from December 1st to 4th 

Trough the new virtual direction of the EAAP 2020 Annual Meeting every animal scientist can experience the best opportunity to participate and to share their research at the most updated and scientifically advanced animal science forum in the world.

This year EAAP recorded the highest number of Abstract submissions ever received: 1510!

The theme of the Plenary Session is the responsibility of animal production on climate change. The Session will be conducted by a selection of four invites speakers respectively with their presentations:

Georg Kaser (University of Innsbruck, Austria – Faculty of Geo and Atmospheric Sciences) with the talk “Up-to-date situation of climate change and its origin”. Frank Mitloehner (UC Davies, USA) with “Facts versus fiction around livestock and climate”, Umberto Bernabucci (Viterbo, Italy – Università della Tuscia) will present “Actions to reduce environmental impact from livestock farming, new research perspectives”, and Lars Koenig (University of Muenster, Germany) “How to communicate properly causes and research activities for global climate change”.

EAAP Annual Meetings

The Annual Meeting is a central event organized by EAAP. Its content and structures are meant to satisfy variety of interests of animal scientists, researchers from related fields, officials of state administration, representatives of breeders and their organizations.

EAAP Awards

The EAAP Statute authorized the Council for establishing and awarding specific prizes and awards to deserving scientists and other professionals in the field of animal science and production.

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