President (2021-2024)


Vice-President Joel Berard 2021-2024
Vice-President Paul Galama 2021-2024
Secretary Jean François Hocquette 2021-2024
Industry Repr. Saskia Meier 2023-2026
Industry Repr. Poulad Pourazad 2022-2025
Young Club Angela Costa 2022-2025

The Cattle Commission is in charge of development, discussion, promotion and dissemination of scientific research. Members are involved in the organization of the EAAP annual meeting in cooperation with other Commissions. The work of the Commission is sectoral oriented and focuses on science, extension and innovation of dairy and beef sectors.

Social profiles:

The strategies of the Cattle Commission are to organise a scientific program each year at the EAAP annual meeting, to support young scientist’s activities, to organise regularly a debate session and to continue and enhance cooperation with other organisations. The application of know-how is a major goal, which is ideally combined with innovative aspects related to the development of cattle husbandry.

An overview of publications by the members of the Commission:

  • Akert FS, Kreuzer M, Kunz C, Reidy B, Berard J. Effects of full-time v. part-time grazing on seasonal changes in milk coagulation properties and fatty acid composition. Journal of Dairy Research 2021, 88(1):23–28. 10.1017/S0022029921000169
  • Bonny SPF, Hocquette J-F, Pethick DW, Legrand I, Wierzbicki J, Allen P, Farmer LJ, Polkinghorne RJ, Gardner GE. The variability of the eating quality of beef can be reduced by predicting consumer satisfaction. Animal 2018, 12(11):2434-2442. 10.1017/S1751731118000605.
  • Costa A, Goi A, Penasa M, Nardino G, Posenato L, De Marchi M. Variation of immunoglobulins G, A, and M and bovine serum albumin concentration in Holstein cow colostrum. Animal 2021, 15(7):100299. 10.1016/j.animal.2021.100299.
  • Galama PJ, Ouweltjes W, Endres MI, Sprecher JR, Leso L, Kuipers A, Klopčič M. Symposium review: Future of housing for dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 2020, 103(6):5759–5772. 10.3168/jds.2019-17214
  • Goi A, Hocquette J-F, Pellattiero E, De Marchi M. Handheld near-infrared spectrometer allows on-line prediction of beef quality traits. Meat Science 2022, 184:108694. 10.1016/j.meatsci.2021.108694
  • Koczura M, Pervier S, Manzocchi E, Turille G, Bruckmaier RM, Kreuzer M, Berard J. Previous alpine grazing experience of cows has little medium-term effect on feeding behaviour, milk yield and composition in a traditional alpine system. Italian Journal of Animal Science 2019, 18(1):410–422. 10.1080/1828051X.2018.1532326
  • Kosinska-Selbi B, Mielczarek M, Szyda J. Review: Long non-coding RNA in livestock. Animal 2020, 14(10):2003–2013. 10.1017/S1751731120000841

The group is coordinated by the Cattle Commission in order to target exchanges between the academia and the industry. The main aims of the Group is to identify, monitor and discuss trends in production and consumption of cattle products in the view of the existing and future policy measures.

The Group is involved in the organization of the EAAP annual meetings, including the definition of sessions of which the Cattle Commission is responsible for.

The Commission’s activities and efforts are aimed at reinforcing collaboration with other EAAP Commissions, organizations, and stakeholders with particular attention to the industry and its link with the research.