Animal Frontiers publishes discussion and position papers that present several international perspectives on the status of high-impact, global issues in animal agriculture. Animal Frontiers publishes papers in a relatively easy-to-read jargon with the objective to be read by large audience, even by non-specialists like policy makers, teachers, technicians, journalists, etc. Every issue explores a theme of broad and current interest within animal science and animal agriculture.

Animal Frontiers is a joint venture between the following globally active professional animal science societies:

These organisations are dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of science-based knowledge concerning animal agriculture. Animal Frontiers provides a novel forum for innovative and timely perspectives that have relevance to understanding the complex dynamics at work through animal agriculture

Animal Frontiers Board Members

James L. Sartin (Editor-in-Chief), American Society of Animal Science, USA
Kris Johnson, Washington State University
Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, American Society of Animal Science

Philippe Chemineau, INRA
Isabel Casasús Peyo, CITA Aragón
Andrea Rosati, European Federation of Animal Science

Flavio Schenkel, University of Guelph, Canada
Filippo Miglior, Ontario Genomics
Christine Baes, University of Guelph

Anna Dilger, University of Illinois
Collette Kaster, American Meat Science Association


October 2013 Animal Fertility
April 2013 Biofuel