Our Mission

To be the animal science dissemination team for all those who value creativity, with commitment to excellence.

Our Team

ASSET is a leading consultancy group established within and for EAAP (the European Federation of Animal Science) in 2018, devoting itself to excellence in providing professional services for animal science and the livestock industry in four major areas: Dissemination, Training, Capacity Building and Information Technology. Our EAAP team has highly qualified expertise in all the sectors necessary for disseminating animal science. The EAAP team has provided dissemination services to more than 15 EU supported projects and coordination in another three.

Our Goal

ASSET provides value-added services and expertise to consortia, industries and organizations, to various sectors within animal science.

We offer our longstanding expertise as disseminators of international projects, including EU supported projects. Moreover, we organize all aspects relating to industry workshops, giving the opportunity for industry bodies to mount conferences professionally designed to deliver scientific and technical issues within a specific subject; thus helping critical information dissemination to industry personnel and technicians.

Our specialized team aims to keep pace with modern methods and changes within the maintenance of excellence in our services, and the application of the highest possible standards of international quality in our performance. 

We also attach great importance to collective action. Our goal is always to provide creative work that will appeal to our customers and achieve their goals and demands.

As a team, we are committed to and strive for: