The animal family of journals is comprised of animal, animal – science proceedings, and animal – open space.
The journals are published by a Consortium of the BSAS, EAAP, and INRAE. All articles are published as Gold Open Access

the international journal of animal biosciences

animal publishes the best, innovative and cutting-edge science that relates to animals (farmed or managed) used for animal production, and that is relevant to whole animal outcomes, and/or to animal management practices. Papers can be accepted from all species if they are in, or contribute knowledge to, animal production systems. Animal is essential reading for all animal scientists, stakeholders and policy makers interested in agricultural, biomedical, veterinary and environmental sciences with expected impacts on Animal Production and Productivity, Animal Welfare, Animal Health, Food Security, Environment, Climate Change, Product Quality, Human Health and Nutrition, and Sustainability of Animal Agriculture and Livestock Systems. Impacts should be of international relevance.

animal science proceedings
the international journal for conference proceedings

The journal will publish high-quality conference, symposium and workshop proceedings on aspects of the life sciences with emphasis on farmed, other managed animals, leisure and companion animals and the use of insects for animal feed and human food. These can be in the form of abstracts or one to two-page summaries or short papers. The format will highlight the title of the meeting and organisations involved but the publications will have the added advantage of being gold open access and forming a series under animal – science proceedings. This gives conferences wide exposure and the additional benefit that individual abstracts can be identified and indexes through a DOI. The conferences can be international or regional/national and publication in local languages is encouraged for local /regional conferences provided titles are also in English.

animal open space

The journal has a wider scope than the flagship animal. The journal fully embraces Open Science and its philosophy is that all carefully conducted research, the data linked to that research and the associated points of views of the authors should contribute to knowledge gain. This knowledge deserves to be rapidly published and open for further discussion from readers and the authors once published. The journal publishes articles that relate to farmed or other managed animals, leisure and companion animals and the use of insects for animal feed and human food. 


British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) is a charity that works to improve the understanding of all aspects of animal science and to ensure research and knowledge transfer have a practical and beneficial application

Management Board Members

  • David Kenny
  • Liam Sinclair 
  • Maggie Mitchell

European Federation for Animal Science (EAAP) is an international scientific organisation promoting research, discussion, debate and dissemination of high quality and relevant animal science findings amongst the scientific communities, the livestock industry, civil society and groups with interests in livestock production.

Management Board Members

  • Isabel Casasus
  • Andrea Rosati
  • Philippe Chemineau

National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) is committed to exploring the frontiers of science and performing high-calibre research that is globally relevant. The institute makes major contributions to European research and participates in European research programmes.

Management Board Members

  • Odile Hologne
  • Stephane Ingrand
  • Nicolas Friggens


Elsevier is the largest global publisher of scientific journals currently publishing over 400 peer-reviewed open access journals.