EAAP representatives met the German member in Hamburg

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April 23, 2024

Few weeks ago, the President of EAAP, Isabel Casasús, and the Secretary General, Andrea Rosati, met in Hamburg the representatives of the German EAAP member among the others, Bettina Bongartz Secretary general of the German Society of Animal Science (DGfZ) and Peter Sanftleben (EAAP German Council member and also EAAP Vice-President). The meeting was mainly organized to visit the conference centre in Hamburg to assess the facilities for hosting the 2026 EAAP Annual Meeting together with representatives of the German member of EAAP, who will support the organization of the event. The conference centre offers a wide range of modern conference rooms and state-of-the-art technical equipment, ideal for hosting an international event like the EAAP Annual Meeting. The facilities were evaluated for their suitability to accommodate plenary sessions, workshops, exhibitions, and other ancillary activities. Furthermore, the central location of the conference centre, close to major transportation hubs and hotels, makes it easily accessible for participants from around the world. Collaboration with the German member of EAAP will provide valuable local support for event organization, facilitating communication with local authorities, providing logistical assistance, and promoting participation from professionals in the livestock sector of the region.